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Storage Tips
Taking a few moments to review our helpful self storage guidelines can save you time and money.

Easy Storage Tips

Whether you're storing a few items or a lot of your belongings, using the proper storage techniques can make the experience go more smoothly. Read on to learn valuable tips that will help make self storage a breeze.

Large and Small Furniture Self Storage Tips
Don't try and lift items yourself that are too heavy. Plan ahead so that you have the moving support that you need. Beyond placing pads or blankets between furniture items to make sure that they don’t end up with marks, make sure to keep track of any bolts or screws you might have removed from them. The last thing you want is for them to go missing during a move! Perhaps consider putting them in a plastic bag and securely taping them to the item that they belong to. Also, if you have to stack items on top of each other make sure to put down a soft divider first such as a towel or pad to protect them and make sure that your items are stacked in a sturdy manner and will not fall. To help prevent condensation try not to lean furniture against walls and avoid wrapping tightly with plastic.

Pictures, Mirrors, Crystal and Glassware Self Storage Tips
It’s easy to accidentally break a mirror or picture when moving if you don’t pack it properly. Invest in foam or bubble wrap to help prevent damage and clearly mark boxes that contain fragile items. Boxes that come with dividers are great for glasses. Better yet, if you have the original packaging, utilize it as much as possible.

Motorcycle Self Storage Tips
Since there are so many types of motorcycles these days, perhaps the best course of action is to check with the manufacturer before storing your ride. Ask for specific winterizing tips and storage instructions according to the make and model of your motorcycle.

Electronic Equipment Self Storage Tips
Take extra care when packing electronic equipment and use the original boxes if you’ve still got them. Make sure to create cushion around items and remember that CDs and records can warp if exposed to heat or if not packaged carefully.

Kitchen & Clothes Self Storage Tips
Self storage can be a breeze if you have a plan before you pack. While packing up your kitchen or clothes, make sure to periodically check boxes to make sure that they aren’t getting too heavy to carry. You may be surprised how heavy your t-shirts can be when you put them all in the same box. Wardrobe boxes are great for any clothes that you want to keep on a hanger and also work well for drapes. Don’t forget mothballs or cedar chips if you’re storing anything made of wool. Make sure to label things clearly so that you what is in each box. Also, even though kitchen items might seem sturdy, they can still break if you don’t take measures to protect them.

Appliances Self Storage Tips
Consider keeping doors slightly crack while in self storage to prevent unnecessary mildew. Try to use all soap or appliance cleaning supplies before storing or consider giving to a neighbor. If not, make sure that lids are closed tightly so that soap and other cleaning supplies don’t spill. If the cleaning items are combustible you cannot store them.

Things Not to Store and Overall Self Storage Tips
Make sure that you do not store anything that is combustible, such as paint, batteries and thinners or any perishable items. Consider placing a few drops of oil on metal items, such as bike chains, so that they resist rust. Stock up on the packaging supplies that you will need well ahead of time so that you don’t feel rushed and make sure that you have enough people power to move heavier items. Make a list of all the items that you put in storage so that you don’t think that something has gone missing when it’s actually in storage.